who we are

  • The Singapore Coffee Association (SCA) was established in the late 1950’s by a group of pioneering coffee traders.


    During the ensuing years, coffee trade developed rapidly due to the enterprise and hard work of the traders. Singapore gained recognition as one of the coffee centres of the world.


    Today, as a result of the transformation, Singapore Coffee Association’s membership represents all sectors of the coffee industry, from green coffee supply chain
  • providers, international and national roasters to well-known coffee retailers.


    We aim:

    • To provide a forum for all sectors of the coffee industry to share information and jointly promote consumption and trade.
    • To create awareness and promote the image of coffee in the community.
    • To represent the coffee industry at national and international forums.


  • Enjoyed by Singaporeans since the early 20th century, Singapore coffee has been the drink of choice for coffee lovers looking for their daily caffeine fix. Found in almost every coffee shop and hawker center, Singapore Coffee accounts for more than 70% of coffee consumed here.


    The roasting process that creates this coffee is a unique and traditional one. Indonesia EK-1 Coffee Beans are roasted in customized roasting drums at a temperature of just over 180°C for 25 minutes before it is coated in a pot of caramelized raw sugar. Believed to be a variation of the Torrefacto roasting method still common in Argentina, Costa Rica, France, Portugal and Spain, this process is a local practice that gives local coffee its unique taste that many Singaporeans have become so familiar with.


  • The adaptation of this process by our forefathers in the late 1800s compensates for the weight loss due to moisture displacement during the roasting process and has helped lowered the price of coffee to be enjoyed by both ordinary laborers and wealthy merchants alike. The resulting cup is a coffee that is very dark in color and very strong in aftertaste. Over time, it has become part of our national heritage and in recent years, help sprung a host of retail local coffee chains in retail malls that usually reserved for international coffee chains.


    In local terms, White Coffee refers to regular coffee instead of coffee with cream, commonly known by the rest of the world. Black Coffee, or simply Kopi, naturally means the local coffee that is roasted using the Torrefacto method.


Way before the “Grande with Whip Mocha Frappuccino Light Blended Coffee” of the world came to Singapore, we have developed a full set of lingo for the most exacting of coffee drinkers. Try and order a “coffee without milk and less sugar” using local lingo!
KOPI coffee with sugar & condensed milk
KOPI-O coffee with sugar
KOPI-C coffee with sugar & evaporated milk
KOPI-O-KOSONG coffee without sugar & evaporated milk
KOPI-PENG iced coffee with sugar & condensed milk
KOPI-SIEW-DAI Coffee with less sugar & condensed milk
KOPI-GA-DAI Coffee with extra sugar & condensed milk
KOPI-GAO Coffee with sugar, condensed milk & extra thick concentrated coffee
KOPI-DI-LO Coffee with no dilution
KOPI-POH Coffee with extra dilution


Our members consists of different parts of the coffee industries/supply chain such as Green/Roasted Coffee Beans, Cafes, Coffee Machine Suppliers etc. Interested to be our member? Drop us an email at admin@singaporecoffee.org


The Singapore Coffee Association organizes activities/events such as classes, coffee farm trips and is also sanctioned by
World Coffee Events to run Singapore National Competitions.

Singapore National Barista Championship 2015

Singapore National Barista Championship is back in 2015!


Date: 29th - 31st January 2015
Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


SCA Members Non-Members
SGD $100.00 SGD $200.00


Registration for SNBC is now closed.


Competition Rules and Regulations can be found on the WBC website at http://worldbaristachampionship.com/


Kindly go through the additional Rules and Regulations add-on before signing up for the competition.


Cheques and a printed copy of the registration forms should be mailed and addressed to The Singapore Coffee Assocation/Singapore National Barista Championship 2015 at The Singapore Coffee Association, 80 Robinson Road #02-00, Singapore 068898

For further queries, kindly send your emails to admin@singaporecoffee.org.


Singapore National Judges Registration 2015

Interested in judging?


SCA Members Non-Members
SGD $50.00 SGD $100.00


Singapore National Judges Registration Form


For further queries, kindly send your emails to admin@singaporecoffee.org.




"Interested to know more about coffee? Contact our members below to find out how you can.

Être Bon Gallery & Academy (Boncafé International Pte Ltd)

Class Outline:
  • Coffee Journey Tour (2 hours)
  • Basic Barista Workshop (half-day)
  • Advance Barista Workshop (half-day)
  • Fun Barista Workshop (4 hours)
  • Home Coffee Roasting Workshop (4 hours)


Please refer to http://www.etrebon.com/ for more information on the courses offered.


For enquiries, please call +65 6776 2216 or email to enquiries@etrebon.com.




C-Platform (Papa Palheta)

Class Outline:
  • Espresso Redefined Level 1 (3 hours)
  • Black Brew Deconstructed Level 1 (3 hours)
  • C-PlatForm 1-on-1 (2.5 hours)


More details on our website at http://www.papapalheta.com.


For enquiries, please call +65 9423 0777 or email to cplatform@papapalheta.com.




Oriole Coffee Roasters

Class Outline:
  • Basic Barista Class (4 hours)


For more details and enquiries, please contact Romeo at +65 9188 9462 or Emron at
+65 9070 2222 or email to romeo@thefoodchain.com.sg / emron@thefoodchain.com.sg




Toby’s Estate

Class Outline:
  • Barista One: Espresso Foundations (3 hours)
  • Barista Two: Espresso Applications (3 hours)
  • Barista Three: Espresso Dedications (4 hours)
  • Barista Four: Prepare & Serve Espresso Assessment (2 hours)
  • Level Five: Latte Art (2 hours)
  • Brew Lab (1.5 hours)
  • Coffee Degustation (1.5 hours)
  • Tea Degustation (1.5 hours)


To enquire or book any of the workshops, please drop us a line at suhaimie@tobysestate.com.sg or SMS to +65 9720 1844 with this format:
<email address>




Bettr Barista

Class Outline:
  • Coffee Knowledge level 1 (3hrs)
  • Coffee knowledge level 2 (3hrs)
  • Sensory and Cupping Basics (3hrs)
  • Espresso level 1 (3hrs)
  • Espresso level 2 (3hrs)
  • Brewing level 1 (3hrs)
  • Brewing level 2 (3hrs)
  • Milk Chemistry (3hrs)
  • SCAA Barista Guild Level 1 and 2 certification
  • SCAE Barista Level 1 and 2 certification


For more details: http://www.bettrbarista.com  | Email: connect@bettrbarista.com